About Us

C&R pallets Corp. established in 2008, is engaged in wide varieties of pallet recycling program that provides a little helping hand to keep our earth greener. Our main goal is to pursue used broken wood pallets so that we may refurbish them and supply them to our customers. For our goal to be met we have activities which includes examining all sorts of used wood, deliveries, and trailer drop offs to both our suppliers and customers. When it comes to our varieties of pallets we make re-man made, new custom and all sorts in order to meet our customers’ needs.

We are a professionally managed company that believes in profitable, sustainable and enjoyable long term relationships with all of our employees, customers, and suppliers. To us communication in a professional atmosphere is key! We have an experienced sales team in place to call upon your company for all your pallet solutions, including complimentary onsite pallet consulting. We are committed to being the low cost, high service provider that customers call first when looking for pallet solutions.