Products and Services

Recycled (reconditioned, used) pallets

C&R Pallets Stock a wide variety of reconditioned wood and plastic pallets. The most common size is the GMA 48X40 pallet with 4-way entry. This pallet is available in 3 different grades. Please contact us for specification that will best fit your application.

New& Custom Pallets

C&R Pallets manufacture new hardwood and southern yellow pine pallets. Deck board thickness as well as the board spacing pattern can be varied according to customer needs.

Remanufacture & Combination Pallets

Customers can save money over the cost of a new pallet by using a remanufactures pallet. These pallets can also be called re-man, combo, or even “green” Pallets because they are assembled using reclaimed wood from end-of-life pallets. Standard 48X40 pallets and any custom pallet can be made this way.

Scrap Pallet Pick-up and removal

C&R Pallets will pick-up scrap and excess pallets from your premises. Some types of pallets may also have cash value. For large volumes, drop trailers can be arranged.


As a solidly established dealer in the pallet industry, we have many contacts and resources, which enable us to serve you best and save you money. – Minimum delivery of 50 pallets, local Area only.